Fort William Track Walk

We were eating a late dinner last night, enjoying a little Dumb and Dummer action...and then we got the brilliant idea to head for a track walk. It is light here so late, in fact, I don’t think it ever really gets properly dark in the summer, pretty rad if you ask me.

I cannot wait to ride the track...all day today I have had ants in my pants. I just want to RIDEEEEEE. It is pretty much the same as last year, a few changes here and there but pretty much the same!

The track here is one of the longest and most physically demanding tracks on the circuit, I think the winning time here last year was 4:35+, don’t quote me on that one but I am pretty sure that’s about right. Aside from being long, it is high-speed the whole way down and we cover a lot of ground.  Makes the consequences a bit higher, also makes it more difficult to memorize the track. It’s an amazing track to race.

Fort William is a great venue for the spectators as you can almost see the whole top half of the track from a single viewpoint...there are no trees up top so you can see a lot. It is empty now but there are going to be a lot of people here this week, in the past I think it has averaged about 20,000 people!

We have a couple more days of laying low before we have our official track walk (course wasn't totally marked last night) and then we get practicing. Track Walk Thursday, Practice Friday, Qualifying Saturday, Race Sunday!

Hopefully wind doesn’t play into the equation this week...its supposed to be nice on the weekend but right now its super rainy and windy again. Not good. Because there are no trees to protect the lift from wind, it doesn’t take a whole lot for the gondy to shut. Last week they were running the lift in 60+ mph winds, the closure limit at Ft. William is like 40mph.

Wind, wind go away come again another day. :)


Katie Holden