Jet Lag

Jet Lag can be a pain in the ass so I thought I would share some tips that work for me...

  1. Hydration: I know that it can be tempting to drink soda, beer or wine on the planes because it’s free but it is gonna make you feel a lot worse later. Often times, I will get a huge bottle of water before I get to the airport so that I have to drink it all before I go through the security line. It may make you have to hit the bathroom, but it will also give you a jumpstart for your you a tangible hydration goal! While you are on the plane, try and take advantage of the water opportunities...stewardess are always walking around with bottles of water, drink it!
  2. Ear Buds/Plugs: I never actually travel with ear plugs (might actually be a good idea) but I almost always put my ear buds in. They serve a couple of purposes...1. Even if there is no sound coming out they block out the sound 2. Sometimes it is easier to fall asleep with a little noise in the form of music or the TV. 3. They are a hint to the neighbors that you are sleeping.
  3. Eye Mask: I alwayyyys travel with my eye mask. Makes sleeping much easier.
  4. Face cleansing cloths and moisturizer: These things are amazing. I use them all the time. They are pre-packaged wipes (lots of companies make them) that are awesome at removing dirt, make-up, travel grim. These are for you too boys. Keeps your skin fresh and clean.
  5. Moisturizer: I cannot travel without moisturizer. I pretty much always follow my cleansing cloths with face moisturizer. I am a big fan of Dermalogica Intensive Moisture and Clinque (the yellow lotion).
  6. Tempur Pedic Pillow- I am obsessed with this pillow. I use Tempur Pedic Pillows at home and I got a travel version from my mom as a gift. It doesn’t take to much space and I get a lot more sleep with this thing. It is firm enough that it provides support but it’s Tempur Pedic so it molds to the space. I usually throw in an extra pillow case or two as I   don’t want a dirty pillow on my face. The airplane pillow is good for back support.
  7. Warm Clothes: I personally cannot sleep if I am cold so I usually throw in a cardigan, hat and some socks.
  8. Time: So my number one jet lag rule soon as you climb on the plane, the time zone you are in is completely irrelevant, the time zone of your destination is the only one that matters. If you climb on the plane at 4pm and it is 11pm at your destination, you best be trying to sleep an hour or 2 after take-off. Save the movies for after you wake up...

Hope this helps!! :)

Katie Holden