World Cups: Leogang and Fort William


World Cups are freaking tough, got my ass handed to me this trip. I felt like I was riding well out there. I had so much fun in practice. Had a few good crashes which is good for me because that’s when I know I am starting to push myself...which I like. I was the first girl to hit the road gap in Fort William which is always cool.

Unfortutnely both of my races ended for me at qualifying- I just couldn’t hang it out. I just rode so conservatively. World Cups are a bit of a mind fuck (excuse my language). There are so many amazing riders and the competition is stiff, a lot of it comes down to who can keep it together mentally. I guess that’s the beauty of racing- it’s really, really tough. No one is perfect. No run will ever be perfect. There is always room for everything. That’s why I love it. I will never go into a World Cup and feel comfortable. World Cups are uncomfortable in nature...

Despite not qualifying, I don’t feel like the trip was a bust, I came out of this trip a better rider, a more confident rider. And a had so much fun!!

I want to give a huge shout out to Jon Cancileer, Fluffy and all the European SRAM all made my trip that much better. I had a place to call home, people to laugh with and my suspension was dialed. Love you boys! Also, the Dirt/Norco boys, Benny, Stanny and Ali, those guys have always got my back and it’s pretty cool. Aside from riding, my favorite thing to do is hang and their pits with a hot cup of tea!


Katie Holden