PMBI Level 2 Certification

I took a coaching course recently, PMBI to be specific. What is PMBI you might ask? Well that would be Professional Mountain Bike Instructor. I thought that it was important to get a formal certification with all of the coaching/guiding I have been doing, so that's what I did.  There was a gap in my busy schedule this summer and luckily it matched up perfectly with the course.  Up until this course, I took all that I have learned over the years from coaching, being coached and racing....and put it all together to create teaching material. I must say, after a week of this course I am a MUCH better coach. Riding and explaining riding are two very differnt things. It is crazy how much more effiecent and safe you can be with your teaching when you have a proper framework to teach from. Biking is an inherently dangerous activity and if you don't know how to explain something properly, you can seriously endanger someone. I want to get more people stoked on  the sport I love, not injure them or wreak their confidence. Plus when you teach more efficiently,  people have more fun because they progress quicker and are able to see their progressions easier. I coached for Fluidride the week after I finished my certification course and I felt like it was a night and day difference.

Paul who runs PMBI out of Whistler is a smart guy with a knack for breaking biking down from the basics and being able to explain was a total pleasure to work with him for a week and I would recommend the course to anyone out there looking to do some coaching. You can find out more about PMBI here...

Katie Holden