Take a Kid MTB Day with MORCA

I went down to Salinas a couple of weeks ago for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day with MORCA (Monterrey Off Road Cycling Association) and had a total blast. It was held out at Toro Park and I had never ridden there before so it is always cool to check out a new place. The turnout was great, I think that there was something like 35-40 kids. We did some skills stuff, went out on 2 trail rides, had a raffle and got to hear a chat about state parks in California from the Park Ranger. It was pretty cool to see Gary Courtright, the organizer of the event, interact with all of the kids as he has such a passion for bikes, kids and the trails. He was really good about informing the kids on trail rules and etiquette while keeping it light and fun. Smiles all around. Thanks for a great day!!

Katie Holden