Some cool history

This is not at all bike related but I think that it is pretty cool nonetheless....

My dad is writing a book right now about Charles W. Woodworth who is my great, great Grandfather. He founded the Entomology department at University of California at Berkley and did some other cool stuff which you can read about here if you like: . Anyway my dad has made a few trips over there to visit his old house and do some research at the library.  The current owners recently put the house on the market and sent my dad information about the open house so that he could go spend some more time at the house...which he did. When he arrived the real estate agent told him that a member of the Berkley Historical Society had just been by with a photo album that he had picked up at a flea market 15 years ago that had belonged to Elizabeth Woodworth, Charles Woodworth's daughter. Basically, this guy who was a member of the Berkley Historical Society had bought it at the flea market because he thought it was cool and 15 years later he got an email (via the Berkley Historical Society) that one of the historical houses was up for sale and he recognized the name from the photo album that he had bought 15 years earlier.

So now we have this new gem! These are pictures that he had never seen before- pictures of the whole Woodworth family out doing family things. There were some members of the family whom my dad had never seen a photo of...and now he has their actual family album.

Sooo cool.

Katie Holden