Tara Llanes

As an up and coming racer, Tara Llannes, was someone that I always looked up to. She was fast, she was fit, she had skills...and she was an all around great ambassador for the sport of mountain biking. She would be right up there for the win in every race and she was also really smart on the business side of things. She was the perfect athlete.

Then one day it all changed...

Tara was competing at a Jeep King of the Mountain race out in Colorado when she crashed landing on her head leaving her paralyzed. That was one of the most humbling moments of my life as a young athlete. I guess up until that point I felt invincible to a certain extent- but no one is invincible. I had always seen Tara as this invincible female athlete who I could only aspire to be as good as one day- and in instant later her life was changed.

Tara has been to hell and back on her road to recovery...the accident happened back in 2007 but every day she works her bum off to be the best person she can be in every way possible. Tara's life is very different now but by the way that she carries herself every single day...you would never know this horrible thing happened to her. She does not feel sorry for herself and she does not wait around waiting for something to change, she makes change- she is the exact same person with the exact same fire and the exact same drive.  The time has come where she is getting herself back on a bike...it's got 4 wheels this time but a bike is a bike...and I would love nothing more to see her ripping around again.

The bike is expensive and every donation counts. Please donate here:  http://reg.ccnbikes.com/index.php/event/getting-tara-llanes-back-where-she-belongs-on-dirt

You can find more information about Tara here: http://www.google.com/search?gcx=w&ix=c1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=TARA+LLANES

I must  also add that it is because of Tara I ride/race with a Leatt Brace! My mom bought be one almost immediately after her accident and I have ridden with one ever since...in my personal opinion there is no reason to ride downhill without one. Just a thought there for you... :)

Katie Holden