NICA's rolling

Practices have started up for the NICA team and I am having such a great time with it. We have 11 athletes plus us coaches. Kids range from grades 9-12 and they sure do have a lot of energy! The thing I love most about it is that these kids want to ride downhill, dirt jump, huck everything but downhill isn't part of the NICA program (yet) so these kids have been getting their pedal on and loving in. They were dying in the beginning but every day they love it more and more. The improvement over the past month has been awesome. They are fitter, stronger and more confident on their bikes and we are only just getting started.

It is pretty cool that these kids can just pedal from/school to singletrack for practice, not a lot of places you can do that. Since the days are short we have also been busting out the night lights which adds another element of fun. Whenever I ride with a light I feel like a kid again...there is something so freaking cool about it. LOVE it. And one more thing...I get to coach with lover boy (aka my boyfriend). Pretty cool to get to share this experience with him!

Katie Holden