The Senor

Over Thanksgiving one of my favorite teachers died, the Senor aka Senor Pizzuto. The International Community School (my school for grades 7-12) is a special, special place and I was lucky enough to get to spend 5 days a week with El Senor over the course of 4 years. I can still hear him.

The Senor is a legend- such an awesome fun, loving guy who had such a passion for teaching! The stories, the mannerisms, the one liners will live on forever. I see the Senor every time I hang out with my friends from high school...even some of my bike friends which is pretty crazy to think about. These people have never met the Senor but the one liners and mannerisms have been passed on from me. Strange but very cool. This guy had it. So much charisma!

The last time I saw/talked to the Senor was when I was home back in June, Jack Attack and I were out for a run and we crossed paths with him at an intersection. I had been meaning to calling him and check in on him for a long time because he had been struggling after having a stroke but I missed the chance and he is gone. Make me sad. :( Just another reminder to take the time for the people you care never know.

You will be missed Senor!

Carne y Papas forever! :)

Katie Holden