So I have been racing for quite a few years now and I have been racing out east quite a few times over those years so I decided that I wanted to really do it how I wanted to do it this year. Instead of flying from race to  race, I decided to drive out east. By having my own car  and being on my own schedule for 7 weeks, I could really do what I wanted to do and see what I wanted to see.  The drive out east was an adventure of its own. From Santa Cruz I drove to Green River, UT. From Green River, I drove to Denver where I saw my college besties and got to celebrate Noelle MBA Graduation and Taylor's Birthday. After a couple of fun days in Denver, I drove the southern route through Kansas on into Kansas City and St. Louis. When I got to St. Louis I checked out the famous arch and posted a photo on Instagram. Soon after I got a call from my call Corrine who was staying in Chicago with her dad on her way from Vermont to Sun Valley. She told me to come up for an adventure, so thats what I did. We had such a fun day hanging out in Chicago and I even had my first Vegan-Raw dinner experience which was pretty cool. All I could think about was Sex and the City and Samantha....hahahahah. The next day I drove to Ithaca (where I used to live) where I met up with my childhood bestie Erika. Erika bought a house and a farm and now runs a stable so that was pretty awesome to check cool to see old friends doing the thing they love. I haven't been to Ithaca for years so it was pretty cool to check out my old house and all of my old stomping grounds. Why did I never drive across country before now??!?!? Seriously, AWESOME.