World Cup at MSA

I have said it once and I will say it again...World Cups are tough. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Monte Sainte Anne was no exception. Going into a World Cup feeling like you are not riding to your full potential makes it even worse in my opinion.

I think that I let this course get to me at the course walk. It is not like there was anything exceptionally difficult about this course, but the speed, oh the speed. From the the time you drop out of the gate, it is full on. The key being to stay off the brakes and hold on. Much easier said that done. On a technical course it is much easier to break the course into sections and find your flow and rhythm, each section building on the next. Here, you just had to hold on.

I wasn't riding well from my first practice run onward and as a result my weekend ended with qualifying. Bummer.

(I got to go cheer Lea and the XC girls on for their race which was so fun!)