US Grand Prix Highland

Highland Bike Park. Never been here before but I will definitely be coming back! I loved this park...soooo fun. I felt really good on this course. It has taken me awhile to really feel good on my bike. Been struggling a lot this season but this week definitely felt like a breakthrough week...I was just having so much fun. I did so many laps in the park!!

 I wish I could say my race run reflected how I was feeling but I can’t. I managed a 3rd with a few really big mistakes. Oh and some dude ran right out in front of me in the track. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. :)

Highland has a pretty awesome vibe. Small little park, bikes only. Unlike most every other place we visit, Highland is not a winter resort so the whole place revolves around bikes. Rad trails, one of the most chill lodges ever, a foam pit, an air bag, lots of people camping. Two thumbs up. Do yourself a favor and come here!