50th State

One of my other goals on this trip (aside from all of my racing goals) was to make it to all 50 states. To make that happen, I had to go to Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas (prior to this trip, I had been to the other 47). I really felt like shit on this leg of the trip but I was bound and determined to achieve this goal! I checked out some cool stuff on my way through these 3 states including Birmingham and the Freedom Trail, Talladega Raceway and Little Rock Central High School (which itself marked 50!). I also went into Memphis and went to the civil rights museum which was a huge highlight. This is where MLK Jr. was assassinated and the museum is pretty great.

I think that the thing that really made the museum special for me was an interaction with a little old guy (who was there with his whole family but took a liking to me) while walking through the museum. I was hacking up a storm...and probably looking just as awful. And anyway, he came up to me and offered me some of his spiral mints. I accepted and thanked him and we got to chatting and he ended up walking though the museum with me and telling me about his own experiences during this time period. It was pretty incredible to hear about all of the things he experienced on a daily basis as a black man in the south. Seeing everything triggered so many memories for him and he was kind enough to share them with me! :)