Wow, this trip has been so awesome! Like I said in the last post, this trip was super last minute but sometimes those are the best kinds of trips. I didn’t really come here with expectations as I honestly didn’t really know exactly what I was doing. I didn’t even know who was coming! Less than 24 hours after arriving we got thrown into a full production and it was pretty freaking cool. In the end we ended up shooting 2 mornings of live Televisa broadcasts, the morning show and a sports show, and a bunch of other stuff which wasn’t/will not be aired live but rather for other other programing.

This Volcano we were in, Nevado de Toluca was pretty incredible. So beautiful and sooooo fun. The Mexican government was a major player behind this project so the Govenor of Mexico came out to see us ride and some of the other athletes do their thing!  It was crazy there were policia everywhere and snipers and all sorts of crazy stuff...insane security.

I am so thankful for this experience. This is the direction that I am working towards and to get to do this trip, right now with the boys was great. I learned so much following them and watching them and listening and learning. And they were so incredibly encouraging and stoked on everything I was doing. So cool. Couldn't ask for a better crew. :)

Anyway, I will let the photos do the speaking on this one.

PS. Keep an eye out for one of our many GoPro edits dropping shortly.