Metepec + Televisa

After spending some time up at Nevado de Toluca, we cruised down to Metepec which just recieved the designation as a ‘Magic Town’. Part of promoting this new designation was a live Televisa broadcast with our bike loving crew (us, a moto trials guys and a bike trials guy). Anyway, we did an urban segement here in Metepec and we also made a few stunts in the city park, the most notable of which was the hole (see the video). Basically when we were scouting the park, Chase and Witek found this hole/cave thing...poop hole. Hahaha it was totally cool because it was one of a kind but I would want a hazmat mask to spend more than a few minutes in there. Hahaha. It is pretty much a cave/tunnel but you can drop into the hole from the top and they were bound and determined to make it happen, so thats what we did. I didn't do the hole, I really, really wanted to do it but after seeing the success/failure rate (right around 50/50), I decided to pass. It was a super technical drop with little to no margin for have to hip drop in blind like 8-10 feet and you have to be lined up perfectly to avoid hitting the sides...and then once you land you have to stop before hitting your head on the cave...which happend to nearly everyone. Rad, but not my cup'o tea. I have quite a few more videos coming but these photos and videos can keep you entertained for now. :)

Katie Holden