People Bike Travel x NICA x Marin MTB Museum

I have been doing my People Bike Travel workshops all over the country this year and one of the coolest stops was an event I did at the Marin MTB Museum as a fundraiser for NICA.

If you haven’t heard of NICA, listen up. This organization is so cool - it is essentially mountain biking as a competitive high school sport. There are teams, practice, races, an awesome community, it gives kids purpose and drive. It has been incredible to watch the program flourish over the years. If you’ve got kids in your life in some capacity, share this program with them.

One super cool success story to come out of NICA is Kate Courtney the 2018 Elite World Champion - WORLD CHAMP IN FIRST YEAR ELITE. Incredible. She is a total badass - World Champ, Stanford Grad, gem on social media. :)

Katie Holden