Finally Home!

thanksgivingdogs - 4.jpg

Ahhhh it is SO good to be home. It has been a big year of travel, I think I have been home maybe 10 days or so since the beginning of August which is kinda crazy to think about. It has been an awesome couple of months, so many people, places & things.

I feel like I have grown a lot this year. I have really pushed myself and my comfort zones and I think that it has given me a lot of clarity and confidence to be a lot more intentional about the things that I do. Also, a solid 7 week road trip on my own (with a lot of great people and places peppered in there) provided enough stillness and quite to actually hear my own thoughts and figure out what I want to do. I know that sounds like a lot and kinda vaguely ominous. HA! No, I am not making any big life changes but I am committing to developing my skillset on the media side. I really love taking photos…taking photos has always been my thing so developing that skillset so that I can hopefully do something with it is important to me. And writing. And making little videos.

So thats that. Basically, I am going to enjoy a little time at home now that I have finished my commitments for the year. A little time to take care of my self, spend time with all the people I love and doing a lot of snow and mud ripping. Yay!

Katie Holden