Bye Liv

Goodbye Liv.I am not sure how to wrap up one of the most amazing, formative, experiences of my life but here she goes. My dream to become an ambassador (an ambassador wasn’t a thing at this point, so I didn’t know I wanted to become ‘an ambassador’ per se but something like that) started way back on 2010. In the midst of one of my best race seasons, I broke my arm. I was fired up and had so much momentum moving forward I decided to put my energy towards other things. I learned to write, and I learned to announce, I hosted world champs for Pinkbike with Tippie, I learned to make videos, I wanted to learn everything, I was a sponge. And at that moment I realized all of that was more me than racing ever was. But I also know I didn’t have the experience to convince a brand that I could be an asset in another way from racing so I spent two years trying to get more race results and learn as much as I could on the side. In 2012 that experience and preparation collided with luck. I wrote a proposal of my a vision for a dream athlete role and then I ended up on the craziest bike trip to date which freakishly illustrated this vision and then some. A random conversation with a friend in passing, lead me to Liv.  But Liv wasn’t Liv at that point; things were just getting rolling. It was pure luck that in this particular point in my career, Liv/giant was being launched and they were looking for someone like me. It was the PERFECT fit. Over the past six years, I have had the pleasure of growing up alongside this amazing brand. Seeing it grow, evolve and come into its own, just as I was doing the same. I have met amazing people, some of my best friends, I have helped to develop products, I've learned to speak, and speak up, I've learned to create opportunities, I’ve travelled to the factory in Taiwan, I have traveled the world, done some of the coolest rides, hit the deck a few times, I have helped to get more women on bikes, more butts on bikes, I have done my best to use my bike as a vehicle for change and understanding, I have grown up in so many ways. I have so much gratitude for this experience. 

We are here on this planet to grow, to evolve, to keep moving forward in one way or another each day.  When we stagnate, it’s time to make a change. And the time has come for me to make a change. I have felt in my gut this need for a change for a while, but I couldn’t quite articulate it. After spending a good chunk of the year on the road, much of that time on my own, I was finally able to see my path, a new vision/dream/ambition plan, and that path moves me away from Liv. I will always love Liv but our paths are going different directions.  I feel like I have just touched the tip of the iceberg in the things that I want to do, try and accomplish and with a fresh start, a new partnership, it is an opportunity to zero in on some of those things that are important to me and is a real catalyst to develop these areas that are calling my name. I will forever be thankful for this chapter in my life, it is one one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. Thank you to my Liv Family for an incredible run.  I love you guys. <3 I cannot wait to unveil this next chapter and all that I’ve got up my sleeve. :)

Katie Holden