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I’M BACK!!!❤️❤️❤️ I have been pretty quiet on the IG with an occasional post here and there and a whole lot of time away, enjoying other activities and doing some serious soul searching because my life just felt off. I knew in my gut that I wasn’t on the right path for me, but it was hard to identify why and even more so to articulate it because I felt so lucky and I was terrified of coming off as ungrateful. I was doing so many cool things, traveling, meeting people, having crazy experiences & I felt guilty to admit I was unhappy, burnt out, tired, sick (more times than I have ever been) and on what felt like an unsustainable path, personally and professionally. I was beginning to feel more like a shell than like Katie. I needed change, so I mustered up the courage and jumped off the boat not knowing exactly what I was doing, but knowing I can always swim and swimming at the end of the day has always been my master reset, literally and figuratively. It was an opportunity to redefine my intentions, refine my skill set and go forward in the direction I believe in with all my might. :) Which leads me to today, a master reset complete. My life finally feels like it has balance and it feels like mine. 💫 Moving forward, my focus will move away from events and towards creating (photo, video, writing, trips) which has always been the thing I love most - I just said yes to too many things that should have been no’s and at the end of the day I didn't have the capacity to do the things that mattered to me. Making things makes me happy and I see my future there. ☺️ I will do a few big international trips but I will focus a lot of my time in the PNW this year in the @vw, exploring all of the incredible nooks and crannies I‘ve passed by in lieu of far off adventures...& do more non-bike things, because that's me too. I am reinvigorated, driven & more inspired than ever to start this new career chapter alongside some of my favorite brands who share a similar vision, voice & aesthetic. I'M SO EXCITED!!! Thank you for believing in me @julianabicycles, @srammtb, @rockshox, @vw , @thule, @girocycling, @schwalbetires & @crankbrothers ⚡️⚡️⚡️LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!! 📷: @shafakatr

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