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Why you need to ride a pumptrack

I haven't ridden a pumptrack in what feels like ages but today certainly made me want to ride them more often. I just love their fun, playful, social nature - just hanging out with friends and riding bikes.  Bellingham is getting its first public pumptrack in a few short months here and I can't wait. The one I rode today was a converted equestrian arena so while it was raining all around us, it was no worry to us. :)

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There has been a lot of chat in the air lately about clinics. You may be on the fence about whether to sign up for one or not. My answer? ABSOLUTELY YES. I feel like I am riding my bike today - for a living - because I got a solid foundation. I was not a natural cyclist by any stretch of the imagination but I loved it and I wanted to learn so I put the time in. I surrounded myself with people that were better than me, challenged myself regularly and opened my mind to learning. Whatever your aspirations are with cycling - getting better is FUN.

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How to deal with a post-ride muddy mess

This time of year can get pretty wet and cold in the northern hemisphere and motivation can be hard when you are battling the elements. I really love riding in the wet, nasty stuff but I HATE the clean up. Muddy bike. Muddy clothes. Dirty Car. Uhhhh.

I came up with a solution to ease the pain which I live by - although you still have to clean up, it really minimizes the mess and the hassle.

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How to Pack Your Bike in a cardboard box

Although this video is a little old, a few people recently told me that they used this how-to to learn how to pack their bike for a trip (I think I did a little dance of excitement hahaha) so I thought I would re-share it. While I don't travel with a cardboard box anymore (new tutorial coming soon), I did for 10+ years and it totally works - especially if you follow these tips. Follow this and save yourself the little heartache from a damaged bike. I used this one box for an entire year of travel!

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