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The trail 'Disneyland', high above Squamish, has been on my 'hit list' for years but it is quite a mega mission to get up there, and I had yet to make it...until this past week! When the opportunity to head up there via heli with a with a super fun crew arose, I obviously said YES. We had a pretty epic two days up there camping in the alpine. Ohhh that place is beautiful. 360 degree views. You can see Atwell, Squamish, the fjords, the

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Snaps from Taiwan

I went out the Liv & Giant HQ in Tai Chung, Taiwan recently. It was a whirlwind of a trip - with only 4 days on the ground but I made the most of it and tried to do as much as I could. I used my early mornings to explore the city, the days working with an amazing team (who introduced me to a lot of new foods and Taiwanese culture) and my evenings for more exploring, socializing and new foods. I even got to ride before I flew out on Saturday which amazing - we had a mega crew and rode some super fun trails. I can't wait to return. Doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, I just love to travel.

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My favorites for city riding!
  1. Liv Civita Helmet: Cute and practical for the city. //
  2. Uniqlo Packable Jacket: I am a super fan of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, their products are inexpensive and well-made. This packable layer is great for wind or light rain. Thier puffy jackets are also amazing and ok for light rain.  If it gets to wet you can always hop on the subway or duck into a coffee shop. //
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Washington, D.C. by Bike

Ok, I promise to stop recycling content and give you all some cool new stuff soon. I have created a lot of content over the last year that I never really got the chance to share and I want to give it a home to live, even if it is in the archives because I think it is valuable for planning trips and learning tips....

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How to Pack Your Bike in a cardboard box

Although this video is a little old, a few people recently told me that they used this how-to to learn how to pack their bike for a trip (I think I did a little dance of excitement hahaha) so I thought I would re-share it. While I don't travel with a cardboard box anymore (new tutorial coming soon), I did for 10+ years and it totally works - especially if you follow these tips. Follow this and save yourself the little heartache from a damaged bike. I used this one box for an entire year of travel!

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A-Line is probably the most famous mountain bike trail in the world - people travel from around the world to Whistler because they want to ride this trail. And while A-Line is great, this traffic can make for an intimidating experience. Thanks to Liv, the trail has been closed off one morning during Crankworx for the past three years for a Ladies-Only ride event. Ride at your own pace. Get help on features if you need it. Do A-Line how YOU want to do A-Line.

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