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Washington, D.C. by Bike

Ok, I promise to stop recycling content and give you all some cool new stuff soon. I have created a lot of content over the last year that I never really got the chance to share and I want to give it a home to live, even if it is in the archives because I think it is valuable for planning trips and learning tips....

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How to Pack Your Bike in a cardboard box

Although this video is a little old, a few people recently told me that they used this how-to to learn how to pack their bike for a trip (I think I did a little dance of excitement hahaha) so I thought I would re-share it. While I don't travel with a cardboard box anymore (new tutorial coming soon), I did for 10+ years and it totally works - especially if you follow these tips. Follow this and save yourself the little heartache from a damaged bike. I used this one box for an entire year of travel!

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