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The trail 'Disneyland', high above Squamish, has been on my 'hit list' for years but it is quite a mega mission to get up there, and I had yet to make it...until this past week! When the opportunity to head up there via heli with a with a super fun crew arose, I obviously said YES. We had a pretty epic two days up there camping in the alpine. Ohhh that place is beautiful. 360 degree views. You can see Atwell, Squamish, the fjords, the

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Why I love Liv Camp?

Bikes are the best. The power they have to bring people together, time and time again, people from all backgrounds and walks of life - it is incredible. Liv camp is such a beautiful illustration of the way in which they connect us. So what is Liv Camp you ask? Well, Liv works with 120+ ambassadors across the US who are passionate cyclists and go-getters in their respective communities. These ambassadors are friendly faces, resources, role models -

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When it snows, you do things

This winter has been the strangest I can remember. The weather just can't make up its mind. And SO MUCH SNOW. Yesterday morning it was nice. And then it snowed for a few hours and then it got nice out and melted.

Soooo we spent the morning at the cool little private pumptrack I posted about the other day - till the sideways snow made it too wet to ride. And then we decided to go for a little spin on the interurban train here in Bellingham.

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Why you need to ride a pumptrack

I haven't ridden a pumptrack in what feels like ages but today certainly made me want to ride them more often. I just love their fun, playful, social nature - just hanging out with friends and riding bikes.  Bellingham is getting its first public pumptrack in a few short months here and I can't wait. The one I rode today was a converted equestrian arena so while it was raining all around us, it was no worry to us. :)

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Snaps from Taiwan

I went out the Liv & Giant HQ in Tai Chung, Taiwan recently. It was a whirlwind of a trip - with only 4 days on the ground but I made the most of it and tried to do as much as I could. I used my early mornings to explore the city, the days working with an amazing team (who introduced me to a lot of new foods and Taiwanese culture) and my evenings for more exploring, socializing and new foods. I even got to ride before I flew out on Saturday which amazing - we had a mega crew and rode some super fun trails. I can't wait to return. Doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, I just love to travel.

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There has been a lot of chat in the air lately about clinics. You may be on the fence about whether to sign up for one or not. My answer? ABSOLUTELY YES. I feel like I am riding my bike today - for a living - because I got a solid foundation. I was not a natural cyclist by any stretch of the imagination but I loved it and I wanted to learn so I put the time in. I surrounded myself with people that were better than me, challenged myself regularly and opened my mind to learning. Whatever your aspirations are with cycling - getting better is FUN.

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